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  • What is
    Family.Cards is a device that enables seniors, including people with motor or cognitive impairments who are unable to use tablets, smartphones or computers, to access digital services on a standard television.
  • What are the advantages of
    Social contact is crucial for seniors, especially when they live alone and/or far from family. With Family.Cards you can include Dad/Mom ​​ in your everyday experiences, keep them entertained and active. Thanks to the personalized cards, they can make video calls without a phone and view photos, videos and memories on the TV. In addition, you can choose between different types of specific and age-appropriate exercises and movement therapy and keep father/mother ​​active and moving. In addition, digital content is available to combat daily boredom.
  • What do I get delivered when I order
    You'll get everything you need to get started: - 1 card reader - 1 device to connect to your TV - various maps to get you started. You can easily order additional cards via the Family.App
  • How much do additional cards cost?
    Additional cards can be conveniently ordered via the Family.App. Each additional card costs 9 € and will be sent directly to your father/mother.

Wir benachrichtigen Sie, wenn verfügbar ist

Wir schicken Ihnen eine e-mail sobald das Produkt verfügbar ist.

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