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Access to the digital world that mom and dad will actually use. was specially designed for seniors. With our intuitive cards, your loved ones can easily access digital services, right on their TV.

With, you can make video calls, share family photos and videos, do exercise classes, listen to music, and enjoy on-demand shows and movies on any TV. 

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video calls

Call your loved ones with just one card.

Select the card with the name and photo of the person you want to speak to and the video call will start right on your TV.

No need to turn on the TV or switch HDMI sources.

It's never been easier to stay connected for father and mother

in 3 easy steps

1. Place the card on the card reader

No complicated menus or submenus. Each card has only one function!

icon connection.png

2. Enjoy the content on the TV

The selected card is immediately displayed on the TV. No need to turn on the TV or switch HDMI sources.

Vector (2).png

3. Take the card from the card reader

Just take the card from the card reader and end the action. The TV returns to its original state.

Watch in the MDR program "simply awesome".

"A perfect solution for seniors who want to see their loved ones without using the phone and find the picture and buttons on the phone too small."


Designed for seniors with different needs can be used by people with mild to moderate forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's. can help with everyday activities and disease progression.
It can also be used for people with Parkinson's and people with limited motor skills.


Some seniors are not interested in technology

We get it. Most devices aren't designed for seniors. They require learning and lead to frustration. Many end up not being used. runs on any TV and has a simplified user interface designed specifically for seniors who are “not tech savvy”.

For seniors with visual or hearing problems

In combination with a large-screen television, the are particularly useful for seniors who suffer from hearing loss or have limited eyesight.

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 18.56.42.png

More about the cards experienced

The operation is based on maps. Each card represents an action and placing a card on the reader launches the app on the TV.

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"I feel closer to my mother. We can make video calls every day instead of just phone calls.”

Christina Reinert

We will notify you when becomes available

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